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The farm house of Pradeep Mocherla is located in the outskirts of the Hyderabad city, which is a perfect location for a farm house. It is away from the daily fast moving city life. The farm house can be defined as an example of a semi sustainable low cost house.

The materials used in the construction are stone, brick and wood mainly. The concept of exposed brick and stone structure has been used for the walls. This gives the farm house the feel an old traditional house. Slopping roofs are used which add on to the character of the farm house. For the slab wooden rafters are used on which the slab would be laid. Lime mortar is used instead of cement as the binding material; this decreases the carbon footprint of the project. The placements of rooms, elements and the setbacks have been designed keeping in mind vaastu.

Few architectural features like the central courtyard can be an important aid to cool house in warm weather especially in a city like Hyderabad. This would allow fresh air and natural light into the house besides it will prevail the privacy and security that are desired in a house.