Mothi Mahal Deluxe

Client Name              – Shraynidha Bajaj
Location                     – Madhapur
Year of completion   – 2014

When Delhi’s legendary restaurant Moti Mahal signed up a local franchises, we were commissioned to craete 60 seater restaurant in the happening precinct of hi-tech City where Hyderabad’s high-fliers dine out frequently. Famed for revealing rural Punjab’s signature Tandoori cuisine to the International culinary map, we decided that the restaurants interior had to re-tell the story of its origins in a stylishly contemporary idiom. We used the palette, textures and motifs of the Punjabi countryside to intepret rusticity. Weathered wood, pierced brick walls, earth tones and terracotta floors together bring warmth and tactility to the ambience. Phulkari embroidery motifs are thematically replicated in the upholstery in the warm colours of the original craft. The space is dominated by a ruggedly vibrant painting from which vigorous Bhangra dancers leap out to the beat of Dholaks. As for the food, please log onto Zomato !.

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