Vidyaranya School

Vidyaranya School

Client Name – Vidyaranya High School , Hyderabad
Location – Secretariat,  Tank Bund -Hyderabad
Year of completion – Ongoing

Part  of an existing campus, housing a traditional style building with historic and decorative facade, the new building is designed to have a distinct resemblance to its predecessor. It accommodates 10 classrooms and 4 studio apartments for senior faculty to live on the premises cialis price uk. Other activity spaces are also included.

A large central open to sky  courtyard, becomes the center of attention of the building and gives it a serene setting, in addition to the surrounding rocks and trees in the site.

Pradeep Mocharla

Medchal Farmhouse

client – Mr. Pradeep Mocharla
location – Medchal, Hyderabad
Year Of Completion -2013

The farm house of Pradeep Mocherla is located in the outskirts of the Hyderabad city, which is a perfect location for a farm house. It is away from the daily fast moving city life. The farm house can be defined as an example of a semi sustainable low cost house.

The materials used in the construction are mainly stone, brick and wood . The concept of exposed brick and stone structure has been used for the walls. This gives the farm house the feel an old traditional house. Slopping roofs are used which add on to the character of the farm house.The slabs are traditional Madras Terrace , with timber rafters on which stone slabs have been placed. Lime mortar is used instead of cement as the binding material; this decreases the carbon footprint of the project. The placements of rooms, elements and the setbacks are dictated by Vaastu Shaastram.

Central Courtyards illuminate the house and bring fresh air in the hot Hyderabad climate.

Sreekanth Reddy

Sreekant Reddy

Client Name              – Sreekant Reddy
Location                     – Jubliee Hills, Hyderabad
Year of completion   – Ongoing

Contemporary asian elements form the elevational features of this large and completely vaastu complaint house


Moksh Banquets

Moksh Banquets client -Biligiri Hotels , Hyderabad location – Bolton road , Secunderabad Year Of Completion -2014 Formerly housing Utsav restaurant, this voluminous colonial structure was given a makeover to convert it to a banqueting facility. Using decorative elements in the flooring and custom crafted wall panels, the space now experiences the sparkle of celebration.

Moti Mahal Deluxe

Mothi Mahal Deluxe

Client Name              – Shraynidha Bajaj
Location                     – Madhapur
Year of completion   – 2014

When Delhi’s legendary restaurant Moti Mahal signed up a local franchises, we were commissioned to craete 60 seater restaurant in the happening precinct of hi-tech City where Hyderabad’s high-fliers dine out frequently. Famed for revealing rural Punjab’s signature Tandoori cuisine to the International culinary map, we decided that the restaurants interior had to re-tell the story of its origins in a stylishly contemporary idiom. We used the palette, textures and motifs of the Punjabi countryside to intepret rusticity. Weathered wood, pierced brick walls, earth tones and terracotta floors together bring warmth and tactility to the ambience. Phulkari embroidery motifs are thematically replicated in the upholstery in the warm colours of the original craft. The space is dominated by a ruggedly vibrant painting from which vigorous Bhangra dancers leap out to the beat of Dholaks. As for the food, please log onto Zomato !.

Cafe sandwicho

CAFE SANDWICHO – Gandipet, hyderabad

Client Name              – Praveen and Prashanth Pinnamaneni
Location                     –  Narsingi, Gandipet- Hyderabad
Year of completion   – 2014

” A young, modern landmark to grab the potential customers” was our brief for Cafe Sandwicho off the outer Ring Road near Gandipet Lake, Hyderabad.

On a simple grid of exposed concrete columns, we created a totally transparent volume of dining space at 3 descending levels  which conform to Vastu  parameters. ” Show-it-all ” style is created through exposed spiral ducting, form finished ceilings and unabashedly over-the-top use of colour to create the mood for youth to chill-out. Customer ratings of the restaurant endorse the success of our design.


Taj Mahal Hotel ,  KBR Park

client – Sunder Rao Hotels Pvt. Ltd.
location – KBR Park , Jubilee Hills
Year Of Completion -Ongoing

An established chain of Udupi Hotels, moves to an upmarket location, where its iconic vegetarian food will be served to Hyderabad’s happening population in an ambiance of contemporaneous modernity.

Taj Vivanta – Begumpet


Client Name              – R Raghuram Reddy
Location                     – Begumpet, Hyderabad
Year of completion   – 2012

A 196 key executive deluxe hotel on a one acre plot with all modern amenities for the business traveller ce site

Aditya Laxma Rao


Aditya Laxma Rao

client – Aditya Laxma Rao
location – Secunderabad,
Year Of Completion -2013

This home of erstwhile aristocracy had developed major structural damage which threatened its continued inhabitance. The restoration was carried out using conservancy measures under expert supervision.

PEWEC- Purani Haveli


Princess Esin’s Womens Education Center

client – The Nizamia Hyderabad Women’s Association Trust
location – Purani Haveli, Darulshifa
Year Of Completion -1995

This vintage building was originally known as Zanana Mahal which was  appurtenant to the adjacent palace. The Challenge lay in sensitively restoring and converting residential quarters, used  previously by the royalty into a women’s polytechnic. Traditional Materials were used in the conservation and all original components were put to adaptive reuse. Minimum Landscape intervention has added the element of greenery and intimacy.

Utsav – Mysore Express


Utsav, Mysore Express

client – Franchise of Biligri Hotels
location – Tivoli Cinema, Bolton Road , Secunderabad
Year Of Completion -Ongoing

Catering to people in a hurry at a multiplex, this fast food chain relies on the reputation of its parent restaurant in offering traditional Mysore snacks at affordable rates and in pleasant surroundings which hint at the mood of that city.

JHIC – Main Lawn and Food Courts


Jubilee Hills International Club – Main Lawn
client – Jubilee Hills International Center, Hyderabad
location – Jubilee Hills
Year Of Completion -Ongoing

The brief was to redesign and unite several disparate existing sheds into a comprehensive food court surrounding the main guest lawns of a club in an upmarket neighborhood. Minimum intervention in the form of double height portals and a linking colonnade using mild steel  framework and sheeting panels will achieve the required look of modern sophistication.

Suresh Reddy

Suresh Reddy

Client Name – Suresh Reddy
Location – Jubliee Hills, Hyderabad
Year of completion – 2009

To compliment the modernity of the buildings architecture, the landscape has been designed to be minimal. A meandering water body with pools, jets and cascades links the various parts of the plan changing levels of the building. The rocks were mechanically imported on to strategic locations in the stairways and garden.

Secunderabad Club

Secunderabad Club 

Client Name              – Secunderabad club
Location                     – Picket, Secunderabad
Year of completion   – 1985 – ongoing

 This colonial recreational club housed in a mansion set on 22 acres was built in 1840. Over the years, Studio One has undertaken substantial parts of its renovation, additions, alterations and interior design strictly within confines of its historical heritage.

While the campus abounded with trees, no formal landscape planning of individual area have taken place at a micro level. The plants have been selected with ease of maintenance as the main parameter. An element of color was also introduced through varies foliage planting material.

Aruna Bhoopal

Aruna bhoopal

Client Name              – Aruna Bhoopal
Location                     – Padmaraonagar, Secunderabad
Year of completion   – 2008

Boundary wall and landscape elements using traditional sandstone, antique doors and brick in a combination of terraces, cladding and planters.

UTSAV @ Kavuri Hills

UTSAV @ Kavuri Hills

client – Franchise of Biligiri Hotels Pvt. Ltd. , Hyderabad
location – Kavuri Hills, Madhapur
Year Of Completion -2013

Laying emphasis on a buffet dictated menu, this restaurant redefines its predecessor through the interpretation of festivity in contemporary art forms and burstingly vibrant colour. The seating pattern specifically caters to large groups of it professionals and families who are the target customers.

Southern Spice- Kukatpally

Southern Spice- Kukatpally

client – Franchise of Southern Spice , Banjara Hills
location – Kukatpally
Year Of Completion -2011

Taking its famous cuisine of the four southern states to a newly emerging suburb, this restaurant combines the antique elements of wooden windows with the modern materials of glass and digital printing.

Moksh restaurant

Moksh restaurant

Client Name              – Biligiri Hotels
Location                     – Necklace Road, Secunderabad
Year of completion   – 2006

Situated by the lake side, this fine dining restaurant was to depict the theme of liberation for the conventional in term of its ambience. While being contemporary in its vocabulary, the design elements are inspired by traditional kitchen artifacts and natural materials.

To accentuate dramatic sense of arrival the fore court of this restaurant was treated as a dynamic space that function as a waiting area for customers and the mood is created by specifically designed lighting. A swift water cascade creates welcoming sight and sound. Tall bamboo poles effectively screens out the generators and a wooden ramp makes the complex handicapped friendly.

Venkateshwara New Hotel

Venkateshwara New Hotel

Client Name              – Venkateshwara hotels and resorts pvt ltd
Location                     – Lakdi-ka- pul
Year of completion   – 2002- presently Ongoing

A make-over for an established conventional three star hotel which was repositioning its business model to cater to upwardly mobile executive clientele.



client – Hansa lux living Pvt., Ltd.

location – Jubilee Hills,

Year Of Completion -2012

 A franchise of good earth, this stores which sells luxury artifacts and home décor repeats the established branding elements of its principles to create a recognizable unity of retailing display systems.

Col Tantra

Col Tantra

Client name: Col. & Mrs. Zahl Tantra
Location: Bhanu Enclave, Yapral
Year of completion: 2012

Simplicity is the key for the success of this house. The design responds to the simple needs of a small
middle income family with growing children and to accommodate evolving demands on space. The
façade is an outcome of simple straight line architecture and predominant use of white to visually
expand the surfaces of the house on a small plot. Design intervention for the interiors focused more on
creating efficient components rather than strong stylistic elements. It is left to the owners to decorate
the house with artifacts of their own choice over the coming years that they will occupy the house.
Contemporary lines ensure timelessness of the aesthetics.



JHIC – The Jubilee Hills International Club , Hyderabad

A 20 year old Jubilee Hills International Club, created for the residents of an affluent neighborhood needed an image makeover to comply with the emerging globalized design styles of upmarket Cyberabad where many of them are I.T entrepreneurs. The Brief called for unifying several disparate existing structures with a common design character, renovating them and upgrading the services. The areas for design intervention are the arrival plaza, reception foyer, lobby-lounge, and coffee shop.

Rather than creating rigid vertical and horizontal surfaces to separate these spaces, by using fluid tensile fabric structures on steel frames, the trees covered forecourt was visually drawn into the buildings as a vital part of the experience. Architecture, interiors and landscape were merged to achieve a seamless alfresco space that appears and feels like a tropical resort try here.

The relaxed informality of the design and the warm tones enhanced by mood lighting have resulted in greater usage of the new spaces for member interaction.



Client Name              – Nizam club
Location                     – Opposite Legislative Assembly, Hyderabad
Year of completion   – 2000

To suit the culture of its constituent members, the design for this bar relied on history and artistic tradition of Hyderabad’s earlier dynasties.

Golkonda Resorts


Client name: Golconda Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Gandipet Lake, Hyderabad
Year of completion: Scheme Submitted

Located strategically on a plateau jutting into the scenic Gandipet lake, the design for this multipurpose convention cum event venue combines majorly landscaped open area flanked by two iconic pavilions which bear resemblance to maritime silhouette of sailing vessels.

Sai Gnan Model School

Sai Gnan Model  School

Client Name – Bhuvaneshwari Gnaneshwar
Location – Saketh  , Secunderabad
Year of completion – Pending execution

Designed on a narrow, angular site, the Preschool is based on the concept of Montessori  System of Schooling.  Bright and cheerful colours have been used to set the mood of the rooms and activity spaces which are customized based on the users (children between ages 2-6).

Landscaping has been incorporated where possible, and the increased use of open and semi-open spaces  have been planned for , while designing.

Vicat Sagar

Client name: Sagar Cements Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Chatrashala village, Karnataka.
Year of completion: Under construction.

The profiles and skylines of these various structures designed specifically for a Cement Industry push the limits of the potential afforded by the versatility of concrete.

VETF – Campus at Bahadurpally

VETF – Campus at Bahadurpally

Client Name – Ashok Vir
Location -Bahadurpally , Hyderabad
Year of completion – Ongoing

An educational campus with vocational training facilities including a college and hostel for boys, this institute is located in a lush green and rocky site of Bahadurpally. The existance of the abundance of trees and rocky outcrop became a challenge to integrate into our space planning.
Open and semi-open spaces leading into the scenic outdoors – is the essence of the campus which encourages a constant user – to – nature interface.


Sagar Corporate

Sagar Corporate

client – Sagar Group

location – Jubilee Hills,

Year Of Completion -2010

This Gold Rated sustainable office building has achieved its ranking through the conscious use of several relevant technologies such as the use of low carbon foot print materials, dependence on natural illumination, led lighting technology and heat resistant materials. The inspiration for the façade was dictated by the specific client request to replicate a French Renaissance building in Paris with simple and modern profiles.

Venkateshwara Hotel

Venkateshwara Hotel

Client Name              – Venkateshwara hotels and resorts pvt ltd
Location                     – Lakdi-ka- pul
Year of completion   – 2002- under phased implementation

A make over for an established conventional three star hotel which was repositioning its business model to cater to upwardly mobile executive clientele.

Pitti House – Somajiguda

Pitti House – Somajiguda

client – Sharad Pitti,
location – Somajiguda,
Year Of Restoration -2010

This heritage home houses an in valuable collection of antique and contemporary art but requires urgent and extensive structural renovation. The retrofitting replicated the Victorian sensibilities of the period in which it was originally built.